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With Master's degrees in both Professional Writing and Spiritual Psychology, Lynn can help you identify the ways you block yourself, clear those blocks, and GET YOU WRITING!

I know how awful it feels to be an under-performing or non-writing writer. All those great ideas you have, just going to waste. And I also know how good it feels to blow past those inner barriers and WRITE!

Imagine yourself having a terrific idea and simply writing it down. No fears. No hesitation. No putting it off until "tomorrow."


If you're ready to start writing more, and feeling good about it, take the first step. Email me right now. GettingWritersWriting@gmail.com

Not Writing?


Got a great idea you haven't written down? How long has it been? Why aren't you writing?


It doesn't matter what you want to write; novels, screenplays, blog posts, articles, poems, letters, or anything else - if you're NOT writing as much as you want, I can help. Contact me at gettingwriterswriting@gmail.com for more information.

Get Writing Now!

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I'm working on some new content that will help get writers writing, and I could use your feedback. 

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